miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Hello Mary,

I saw your photograph on  the facebook and I liked you.I think you look a nice girl and I would like to meet you.I  live in Alhama de Aragón but I go to Zaragoza very often.

At the moment I am studying at Zaurin Secondary school in Ateca.  I am a  tall and strong boy.I have got brown eyes and brown hair. I consider myself a sensitive and romantic person. I think that I am mature for my age.

I like sensitive and loving girls but I detest bad-tempered girls. If you receive this letter,send me an e-mail, please!
If we met, I would be very happy and I would give you all my love.



Dear Peter,

I am a student  girl at Zaurin High School in Ateca but I live in a village which is near a famous Monastery.

I am writing this letter because I saw you at a pub in Calatayud and you caught my attention. I  would like to be your friend.

 I am a  tall and strong .I have long, straight, brown hair. My eyes are green and very big. I consider myself an extroverted and sensible person. I think that I am mature for my age.

I enjoy riding horses and going to parties. I don´t like playing sports and going to the cinema.

If you receive this letter please contact me!



martes, 13 de marzo de 2012


Last night I was walking around the cemetery when a strange thing happened. While I was listening to music on a bench I saw a monster on an old tree.  He was very big and had got four hands and ten hands. His eyes were yellow and he was very scary.

  Suddenly he whispered my name and  I threw a  stone to him because I was frightened. After that I saw the gravedigger coming towards me. The man was short and ugly and he had one shovel in his right hand Then I hid behind a tomb to see what he was doing.
When I  watched how the monster followed the man to kill him I left the cemetery running.

  The next day I realized I had lost my watch in the cemetery.That watch was my grandmother´ s birthday present and it had a special value so I visited the cemetery again .Unfortunately I couldn´t find it and now I know that the monster has got my watch!.

  M.J ( 2ª ESO)


In a very far village there lived a man called Arthur who was the gardener of a rich old man. This rich man had got a very beautiful daughter called Teresa but no young man wanted to visit her because they lived in a house next to a cemetery.

One day Arthur met Teresa  in the garden and  they immediately fell in love . Every day Arthur visited Teresa and they met in the shelter next to the cemetery.

Last evening Arthur heard strange noises while he was working in the garden .The noises came from the cemetery but he didn´t care about that.The following days the noises continued and Arthur started worrying.

One Sunday he decided to go to the cemetery and discover what was happening. He saw a shadow next to a tomb but as it was getting dark he couldn´ t see clearly. Arthur was frightened but he walked towards the tomb and saw a tape recorder making strange noises.

The tape recorder was placed by Teresa´ s father because he tried to frighten his daughter´ s lover!

   A. R (  2ªESO )